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Health & Nutrition

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Ensure The Longest Healthiest Life With Your Puppy

Wholesome nutrition is The Key to the Health of your pet and a strong immune system is the FIRST line of defense. Please PROTECT your pet with NuVet & continue their daily immune booster. 


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"Quality is priceless, not expensive!" NuVets’ mission is to give our furry friends a Longer-Healthier life.  With all the choices of supplements, why NuVet? All ingredients are sourced in the U.S., manufactured in a HUMAN U.S. FDA pharmaceutical lab, and cold processed. By including NuVet Plus® into your pets daily diet, feel free to enjoy peace of mind that you are providing 30 VITAL nutrients required for optimal health and immune function. 


As a Veterinarian,

it is my responsibility and personal commitment to research and recommend products that are the best for each animal. I have integrated both supplements into my treatment protocols for a variety of issues.  Of course, NuJoint is an excellent choice for many dogs suffering with hip and joint issues.  I have also found NuVet Plus to be particularly well suited for animals with skin or weight problems.  And though feeding a high-quality diet is very effective in treating these issues, I know that some animals still may not receive all the nutrients they need for regaining optimal health.  By adding NuVet plus, I know the animals’ Minimum Daily Requirements are being met with minimal caloric impact.


Judith M. Schoemaker, DVM

Nottingham, Pennsylvania

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Practitioner of the Year, 2011 – 2012

PLEASE DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR GOLDEN RETRIEVER! Follow manufacture directions. Over feeding dogs is the greatest cause of cancer and joint problems in dogs. Keep them physically fit with top quality food in the correct quantity and plenty of exercise. Other than an occasional treat of scrambled eggs, some cheeses including cottage cheese we highly discourage human food given to dogs. Dog feed with corn, soy, or wheat products is also discouraged and not recommended. Cooked beef bones from your local butcher can be a healthy treat also. No chicken or turkey bones recommended!

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