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About Us

Nestled in the rolling hills of central Ohio is our organic family farm. Our secluded location is home to our many animal and nature friends. Horses and sheep roam the pastures during the summer month. Woodlots and ponds offer a natural home to a diverse group of wildlife, birds, frogs, and insects. Busy spring and summer months of mowing and harvesting are followed by the slower pleasant days of fall and finally give way to the cold winter season, a time of recharging and planning for future years.

In 2017 in efforts to further diversify our farm and have a fondness for the friendly Golden Retriever, we added a few. Realizing the need for a smaller dog with less shedding but still having the friendliness of the retrievers we evolved to breed all F1B mini golden doodles. Most of our puppies mature from 15 to 22lbs making them a great fit for growing families, emotional support dogs, and
companions for our seniors. Being very small breeders allows us to house and care for our dogs on a personal level. Our heated facility, outdoor access, and socialization create very happy, friendly puppies. Contact us today to discuss your options. 

Call, Text, 740-202-5475 or Email:



- John Miller Jr.        

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