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We'd love to have you come meet the puppies at our home!

Welcome to Happy Hill Farm and the Miller family!

  Nestled in the rolling hills of central Ohio is our family organic produce farm and our beloved golden retrievers. My wife Ruth and I founded Happy Hill Farm in 2010 as a produce farm where we raise organic vegetables using sustainable and environmentally sound farming principles. Our farm is also powered by a team of draft horses and solar power as we strive to work in harmony with nature. 

It was in 2017 that we found a passion for raising puppies. It was because of our familiarity growing up with the Golden Retrievers and their friendly attitudes that made it an easy decision they were the ones for us. We are just a small sized breeder, but feel we raise the most healthy and happy puppies. They make great companions for us because of their love for adventure and the great outdoors.

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Why Choose Us?

We Are Family

We are devoted to each puppy and socialize with them daily to ensure thier health and success in their newly found life .

Visits Welcome

Trust is a major factor when choosing a breeder. That is why we invite you to our farm and welcome any questions you may have. 

Health & Nutrition

Diet and exercise are as important to pets as they are to their owners. We take great pride in the nutrition and health of our dogs and puppies. 

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